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Important Information (Please Review Carefully)

  • Availability: Mondays
  • Location: Functional Massage Therapy is located inside of Woodland Fitness Center.
  • Waiver: An FMT Waiver is required. It can be found below and filled out ahead of time if you choose. 
  • Clothing: Please wear/bring athletic shorts, a tank top, and sports bra if applicable. 
  • Note: FMT is a separate entity from Woodland Fitness Center. 

Located at: 950 Tamarac Pkwy, Woodland Park, CO 80866

Online Booking Temporarily Paused: To join the waitlist, email

What to expect

COVID-19 Update 7/2021: Masks are currently optional for fully vaccinated individuals. If you prefer that we do wear masks throughout the session, I am happy to wear one in order to ensure your comfort. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. – Chris Gonzales

All sessions are active, interactive, and tailored specifically to you and your needs/goals. Most sessions include a mixture of massage therapy and movement, so you will be clothed the entire time. Men: Wear/bring athletic shorts and a t-shirt. Women: Wear/bring athletic shorts, a sports bra, and a tank top. Please also bring a bottle of water as there will be an active component to your session. 

Serving Woodland Park, and the greater Colorado Springs Area in person, and the World Online.

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