Helping athletes optimize their Training, Performance, and Recovery!

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If you're serious about recovery and mobility, than this is the place for you.
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I am far more flexible, fluid, and injury free in my tennis matches than I have been for years!
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Chris not only worked with me to stop the pain, but trained me to run in such a way that the pain never started.
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As a Sports Performance Specialist with many years of experience, I can respectfully attest to Chris being a true master of his craft.

From the gym, to the field, to the backcountry;
we have you covered.

Proud To Work With:

The Functional Massage Therapy™ Framework

In mathematics, the Greek Letter Delta Δ signifies “Change.” In order to creating lasting change in the body, we use the following three points.

A thorough, science-based assessment is the foundation of every single plan of care, no matter the size. This may include assessing tissue quality, neurological activity, and movement ability. 

The specific massage treatment techniques to be used in each situation are dictated by the Assessment. The hallmarks of my approach are long, sustained holds with little to no oils/lotions, and a mixture of passive, active, and assisted range of motion work. 

We always train Movement to reinforce the changes made during the soft tissue Treatment. Not only that, but you will be given a suggested training plan to help maintain and expand upon the work we did on the table. [Due to the active component of each session, clients are dressed in shorts, tank tops, and sports bras as applicable the entire time.] 

Sport Not Spa

You won’t find any candles here…

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a good relaxation massage, but that’s not what we do.

At FMT, we merge Sport and Orthopedic Massage Therapy with Movement Education to help keep our fellow athletes feeling and performing their best!

Due to the active component of each session, clients are dressed in shorts, tank tops, and sports bras as applicable the entire time.

So as you can see, we’re all about sport, not spa. 

Therapist + Athlete + Adventurer

I’m Chris Gonzales, the owner of Functional Massage Therapy™. I’m a Movement Consultant, a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Colorado, and I’ve been empowering people to feel and perform their best since 2013. Because I’m an athlete, I truly understand how important it is to have your body working at full capacity. 

I have had the opportunity to travel the country to study under brilliant doctors, biomechanists, physical therapists, and thought leaders in both the Movement and Manual Therapy Industries. 

When I’m not helping people live happier, healthier lives, you can probably find me in the Colorado Rockies rock climbing, trail running, slacklining, or hiking with my wife and two children. I love living an active, adventurous life, and empowering others to do the same!

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